How we started the excavation adventure in Calgary and surrounding areas

July 12, 2020

Calgary and surrounding areas, we are pleased to announce we have done what you asked and are becoming even more of a one-stop-shop. We are happy to announce we are now offering full excavation services.

We have added a top-quality John Deere excavator, Bobcat, and more to our fleet so we can excavate down to any residential drainage or water to service safely and efficiently. Trenchless Pros isn’t your ordinary plumbing and heating company. We provide so much more than just plumbing. We will locate your utilities, Telus, electrical, gas, and of course plumbing.

We are very competitively priced for top-notch service. Our plumbers are all criminal record checked, personally-screened, and hired by Mike Brock the owner of Trenchless Pros. We care so much and we promise you’ll be happy if you choose us for your excavation, plumbing, heating, and drain cleaning needs.

Trenchless Pros and surrounding areas +1 (403) 671-7811

Mike Brock, Owner/Operator
Trenchless Pros

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