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At Trenchless Pros, we are dedicated to solving all your plumbing problems. But we do more. We proudly offer a wealth of experience in all aspects of heating and gas fittings services as well. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, and we do our best to provide you with the home comfort you desire and deserve. We provide customized solutions to resolve your plumbing, heating, and gas fitting issues. From the inspection to the end of the job, we are here for you.

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Plumbing Services Benefits

Removing waste and debris

Providing home comfort

Saving money on large repairs

Getting a professional plumber can solve many problems. We can repair or replace your heating system to keep you warm. Additionally, we repair kitchen and bathroom fixtures with our plumbing services to prevent everyday inconveniences. Lastly, a gas fitting with us will get your line up and running in no time. Choosing installation experts ensures the job is done safely and right, so speak with a team member from Trenchless Pros to find the right service for you today.

What plumbing services does Trenchless Pros offer?

The Trenchless Pros team offers many plumbing services to suit you and your needs. Our experienced contractors consider your needs and budget before starting any job. During our inspection and consultation, we will identify any problems and help you find the proper solutions.

There are many possible reasons for a Heating:

Heating is the backbone of any building.  That’s why our installation and repair services are so important. Whether you need help with your furnace or heating system, we are here for you. Here are our services:

  • Furnace: If you notice rattling noises or uneven heating throughout your home, call the team at Mr. Mike’s Plumbing. We specialize in furnace repair and replacement services.
  • Boilers & Hydronic Heating: Containment power is the perfect way to distribute heat throughout the home. Powered by a fuel source like a gas line, boilers require maintenance. Our team is here for your installation, repair, and replacement needs.
  • Heat Pumps: These pumps work by capturing the heat from the air outside, concentrating it and pumping it indoors. Defrosting cycles and other issues can cause them to stop and when this happens, we will be there to help.
  • Electric Radiative Heating: This method uses electric heating elements that become hot when an electric current runs through them. However, they come with the risk of fires or burn injuries. Speak with one of our professionals if your system needs upgrades.
  • Direct Vent Heating: Multiple wall-mounted heaters vent heat from the air outside into your home when you use this system. However, like its counterparts, it has faults, so call today to discuss repair and replacement options.
  • Baseboard Heaters: To warm up your home, consider installing baseboard heating. Call Trenchless Pros to explore our baseboard heating solutions today. We offer electric and hydronic options.
  • In-Floor Radiant Heating: We also install heating that sits beneath your floors to warm up any room effectively. Our installations are efficient and underfloor heating does not distribute allergens. 

Whether you need an installation, repair, or replacement, we offer customized solutions. Warm up your space by calling the Trenchless Pros team for a free estimate today! 


The Trenchless Pros team works in conjunction with the team at Mr. Mike’s Plumbing to provide various plumbing services. Here are the services we offer in Calgary and surrounding areas:

  • Waterproofing: We handle all of your wet basement, waterproofing, and drain cleaning issues. Whether you need an installation or repair, we’re here for you.
  • Plumbing Installation: The Trenchless Pros team can resolve any plumbing crisis. Our specialties include toilet troubles, drain repairs, broken sinks, dishwasher replacements, rusty pipes, sewer issues, water leak issues, and health and safety hazards. 
  • Water Treatment: If your water is unclean and reeks of rust and corrosion, give us a call. We will remove the debris from your pipes to keep you and your family safe.
  • Kitchen & Bath: The kitchen and bathroom are the most vulnerable to water damage. If your sink or dishwasher is leaking, we can repair it or install your upgrade. 
  • Sump Pumps: Keep your basement and areas underneath your home dry with a sump pump. Our team can fix clogs and perform the necessary repairs.
  • Water Lines: Your utility lines are essential. We will perform safe excavations when a clog causes low water pressure or a drop in pressure.
  • Water Heaters: When your hot water system fails, finding a new heating method is essential. Our team will help you find the right system for you. We are experts at installing electric, off-peak electric, peak electric, heat pump, solar, natural gas, and LPG systems.
  • Drains & Sewers: We are experienced with snaking and clearing clogged drains. We are one step, because we use a trenchless method that doesn’t damage the environment. 
  • Toilet Plumbing: If neglected for too long, clogs, leaks, and continuous running can lead to higher bills and repair costs. Please speak with one of our team members to determine whether repair or replacement is better for you.

Plumbing is an integral part of any home. Having a professional perform an inspection can save you money in the long term. Call Trenchless Pros to learn more about our services today!

Gas Fittings

Getting gas fitting ensures your line runs smoothly without any issues. Let us walk you through our installation process.

Your contractor will begin by working with you to choose an area to install the line. After marking the pipe’s location on the wall or floor, cutting into the surface to remove debris or obstructions is next. Primer is applied to the exposed surface and left to dry for 30 minutes to an hour. Then it’s time to apply adhesive to the back of the pipe and press it into place. Your contractor will connect the pipe to the gas source and test for leaks. Any leaks are sealed with caulk and left to dry completely. Finally, any trim or covers that were removed are reattached.

At Trenchless Pros in Calgary, we offer various plumbing services to suit your needs. From your first consultation to installation day, our plumbers will answer any questions you have along the way. Our team can install, repair, and replace various types of heating. Our plumbing services are perfect for residential and commercial properties. From common fixtures to drains and sewers, we are here to help you. If you need a new gas line, consider a professional gas fitting to power your utilities safely. Call the team at Trenchless Pros for all your heating, plumbing and gas fitting needs today!

Trenchless Plumbing Service FAQs

How much do plumbing services cost?

The cost of plumbing services at Trenchless Pros will vary depending on the job. Basic repairs and installations start at $100 and can go up to $1,000 or more for complex jobs like replacing a water heater or sewer line. Call us today for a free estimate!

Do you offer emergency plumbing services?

The team at Trenchless Pros is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you with your plumbing needs. We have the latest tools and technologies to handle many situations. Whether you’re dealing with a burst pipe or a clogged drain, we will be right over!

How long do plumbing services take?

The duration of the job depends on the service we are offering. Unclogging a pipe will only take a few hours, but installing a new water heater can take a few days. Speak with one of our friendly team members to book a consultation and determine how long the job will take.

Can I do my own gas fitting?

For safety reasons, we recommend calling a professional to perform your gas fitting. Making mistakes can cost a lot, and having to pay for repairs can be more expensive than asking expert technicians to do the initial installation.



Z Site Clearing

Z Drain Replacement including the plumbing

Z Water lines replacement including the plumbing

Z Gas line replacement including the gas permits and installation

Z Recycled Asphalt

Z Shoring

Z Dirt / sand removal

Z Grading

Z Fire Damage

Z Recycled Asphalt

Z Earth moving

Z Dirt / sand removal

Z Drain Tiles

Z Debris Removal

Z Tree and brush removal

Z Asphalt and Concrete prepping

Z Fire Damage

Z Drain Tiles

Z Storm Drains

Z Backfill

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