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The team at Trenchless Pros in Calgary provides several services, including drain cleaning, drain jetting, and drain replacement. Drain cleaning removes blockages that cause waste water to get stuck in your pipes. Drain jetting clears out substances and oils that regular pressure washers cannot reach. Drain replacement comes in handy when your drain pipe is beyond repair. Whatever your needs are, the experts at Trenchless Pros have you covered!

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Drainage Services Benefits

Quicker, efficient drainage

Preventing clogs from forming

Extending the drain's lifespan

Professional drainage services can solve small issues before they grow into larger ones. A good jettiing from a professional plumber lowers the chance of a clog, and stops water from damaging your floors or walls. If a clog has already occurred, your drain must be cleaned. It will eliminate any obstructions that are causing clogs. Replacement may be the best option if years of wear and corrosion have affected your pipes. Speak with one of the professionals from the Trenchless Pros team for a second opinion.

What Drainage Services Does Trenchless Pros Offer?

Choosing the right drainage service is essential to maintaining your property. At Trenchless Pros in Calgary, we offer efficient, cost-effective solutions. Here are our services and what they include.

There are many possible reasons for a Cleaning:

Here’s what you can expect during a basic drain cleaning. 

Your plumber will begin by asking you a few questions, including the history of your drain system. We will examine the condition of your plumbing fixtures to determine where the blockages are and perform some diagnostic tests. Then we can make a plan of action.

In preparation of the drain cleaning we will protect the area with drop cloths to avoid damaging your property. Then we run a motorized auger, which is a drain snake that drills into the debris to break apart the blockage. It’s a powerful tool that tackles severe blockages with ease. 

After removing the blockage, we will test your drain system. If a damaged drain line caused it, consider our jetting or replacement service.


Drain jetting is a fast and efficient solution to prevent blockages in your drainage system. Here’s how it’s done.

Your plumber will start with locating the access point to your drainage system and use a camera to inspect your plumbing pipes and drain before jetting. We look for cracked or crumbling pipes which can be weakened by this process.

Our jetting hose is attached to a water tank that pressurizes the water up to 35,000 psi! We adjust the water pressure to levels matching the condition of your pipes. The hose is then inserted downstream into the lines and turned on. The tool moves upstream through the drain line away from your home, while scouring the interior walls of the pipeline. This removes debris by pulling it down with gravity and flushing it out of the home.


The professionals at Trenchless Pros recommend drainage system replacement as a last resort. If a drainage system is beyond repair, we use a technique called pipe bursting.

How does it work? Your contractor will feed a cone-shaped bit through your existing line using a pulling machine that’s powered by a hydraulic system. The method is called pipe bursting.

Your contractor will pull a tool called a bursting head through the broken or damaged pipe. It fractures the old pipe while pulling a new one through. It’s done by pushing the old pipe outward to create a space for the new pipeline which is pulled behind the bursting head. 

The method is effective and requires little to no cleanup since no trenches need to be dug beforehand. 

Replacement is used if cleaning or jetting cannot repair your drain system. However, the experts at Trenchless Pros in Calgary are here to help regardless of your needs!

What are the Benefits of Drainage Services from Trenchless Pros?

We proudly offer a plethora of drainage services, including cleaning, jetting, and replacement. Let us walk you through each one and its benefits.


Getting your drain pipes professionally cleaned comes with many benefits, including:

  • Fewer or No Clogs: Blockages happen when you leave your drains for too long. Clogs can result in backups, overflows and floods, but proper cleaning stops this from occurring.
  • Reduction of Unpleasant Smells: Cleaning your drains stops nasty scents from moving into your building. They will linger until you call a contractor for a cleaning.
  • Quieter Pipes: When water can’t freely flow through your pipes: it can be noisy. Drain cleaning opens up the pipes, lowers line pressure, and makes the process quieter. 


  • Long-Lasting Pipes: Keeping your drain pipes clean also extends the life of your drainage system. It can also increase your property value long-term.
  • Cut the Costs: Maintaining your drain pipes can prevent corrosion, water leaks and hefty bills. Annual cleaning stops problem areas from getting worse. 
  • Lower Risk of mold and Bacteria Growth: Clogs, standing water, and puddles are perfect for bacteria, mold, and mildew growth. Eliminating these with cleaning is essential.

Say Goodbye to Overflows and Floods: Buildup, debris, and waste on pipe walls are a recipe for disaster. However, clean pipes stop overflows and floods from occurring by eliminating blockages.

Drain cleaning can help you save money and prevent clogs and blockages. Call Trenchless Pros in Calgary for your annual cleaning today!


If you are looking for a non-invasive solution to dingy drainpipes, jetting might be your answer. Its advantages include:

  • Thorough Cleaning Method: Pressurized water steam going through your pipes quickly eliminates debris. Your contractor sends water through your home’s drain pipe system to the streets. 
  • No More Residue: Dirt, debris, and grime can stick to the corners of your drain or pipes. It can also stop your drainage system from getting backed up.
  • Affordability: Jetting costs less than traditional cleaning methods because it doesn’t take very long. It also saves you from having to call your plumber for multiple jobs.

Gentle on Plumbing System: Older homes are more susceptible to damage. Regardless of the pressure it’s set to, jetting does not hurt your drain or pipes.

  • Sustainability: No toxic or harsh chemicals are used when we jet your drain pipes. It keeps your water clean and does not damage the surrounding environment.
  • No Clogs: Debris, chemicals, and residue will not make a home in your drain if you jet it. The water will make quick work of any blockages before they get any worse.
  • Fewer Lingering Scents: Chemical exfoliants and preservatives can damage your drainage system. They can also create nasty smells that can be fought off with water jetting.

Up-to-Date: Keep up-to-date with water jetting technology that will leave your pipes looking brand new. It also has several applications, including cleaning sewer drainage systems and pipes.

Drain jetting is one of the best options for cleaning your drains quickly and efficiently. Call Trenchless Pros for a free estimate today!


  • Saves Money: Repair costs can increase quickly over time. If the pipes attached to your drains are old and suffering from severe forms of rust and corrosion, consider replacing the system to pay less in the long run.
  • Better Resale Value: If you plan to sell your property, a new drain pipe system is attractive to prospective buyers. New owners will not have to worry about repair costs immediately as long they maintain their system with regular inspections.
  • Keeps You Healthier: Mold and mildew growth can have detrimental health effects when ignored for too long. Replacing your drains and pipes can prevent problems like allergic reactions, asthma attacks and respiratory infections.
  • Stops Pollution and Contamination: Leaks and aging drain pipes can hurt groundwater supplies, soil, and nearby streams, rivers, or lakes. Protect the environment by asking a professional if replacing drain pipes is the right choice for you.
  •  Improved Water Quality: Newer drainage systems are more efficient than older ones. They do not accumulate buildup as easily. Discolouration and strong smells indicate the need for a more modern system..

Although replacing your drainage system should be a last resort, it could be the right decision. Speak to a contractor from Trenchless Pros to discuss your options today!

Trenchless Drainage Service FAQs

What are the costs of drainage services?

  1. The answer to this question varies, depending on the services you require. Here are the average costs:
  • Basic Drain Cleaning: $100-$300
  • Jetting: $500-$1,000
  • Replacement: $500-$1,000
  • For specifics, speak with a professional from Trenchless Pros in Calgary. We will provide you with a free estimate!

How often should I have my drain cleaned?

Getting regular inspections from a professional contractor is a great way to maintain your sewer system. Getting a strong liner and regular cleaning can lower your long-term repair costs . Both are essential to preventing overflows and backups.

How long does drain jetting take?

On average, drain jetting takes between 30 minutes and an hour. However, other factors, such as large blockages, may extend the duration of the job. 

When should I replace my drainage system?

There are telltale signs that indicate the need for a drain replacement. Look for the following:


Z Site Clearing

Z Drain Replacement including the plumbing

Z Water lines replacement including the plumbing

Z Gas line replacement including the gas permits and installation

Z Recycled Asphalt

Z Shoring

Z Dirt / sand removal

Z Grading

Z Fire Damage

Z Recycled Asphalt

Z Earth moving

Z Dirt / sand removal

Z Drain Tiles

Z Debris Removal

Z Tree and brush removal

Z Asphalt and Concrete prepping

Z Fire Damage

Z Drain Tiles

Z Storm Drains

Z Backfill

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