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Mr. Mike’s Trenchless Pro’s have the know-how to solve any of your sewer line problems. From invasive tree roots to pressure bursts, we’ve got your back.

Need Your Sewer Line Replaced?

A cracked or damaged sewer line can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Damaged sewer pipes can result in extensive damage to your property, and cause serious health issues for you and your family.

Mr. Mike’s Trenchless Pros are here to save the day! We’ve handled more than enough cases to have the know-how to solve your issue.

Possible Reasons for a Sewer Line Replacement

Z Pipes exposed to frequent thawing and freezing.

Z Cast iron pipes rusting and breaking over time, resulting in a leak.

Z Extreme water pressure causing the pipe to burst.

Z Clogs from debris, hair, sanitary napkins, or grease.

Z Clay pipes often become brittle and break as earth moves around them.

Z Clay pipes often become brittle and break as earth moves around them.

Z A rogue tree root penetrating your unprotected pipes through the earth.

Z If your ABS or PVC pipes are exposed to water temperature outside their rated limits, this could cause them to break or burst.

Signs If Your Sewer Line Damaged

Z Toilet won’t fill with water.

Z Strange odours from your basement, bathroom, or yard.

Z Your bathtub drains very slowly, or not at all.

Z Sewage backup inside your sinks, toilet, or bathtub.

Z Uncommon noises or gurgling from your toilet.

What We Do at Trenchless Pros to make your Sewer Line Replaced.

We are equipped with high-tech equipment to turn your problem into an afternoon project, including video camera inspection equipment vital for Sewer Installation Services. This advanced tool helps us locate and determine the severity of your sewer pipe damage, as well as pinpoint the cause.

There are many possibilities for these issues, but we are prepared with an arsenal of techniques to solve any problem. Our expertise in sewer installation services means that no matter the challenge, we have the resources and knowledge to address it effectively.

Preventative Maintenance

We offer inspections and drain cleaning, maintaining your sewer pipes to fight clogs, stopping blocking, bursting, or cracking your pipes. Inspections should be conducted regularly to catch the damage before it happens, where the repairs are cheaper and less difficult for you and us.

Pipe Relining

Our Trenchless Pros use specialized sleeves to combat cracking, which line your already existing pipes. After cleaning out your pipe, we use a lining material that quickly hardens to give you like-new pipes.


Z Site Clearing

Z Drain Replacement including the plumbing

Z Water lines replacement including the plumbing

Z Gas line replacement including the gas permits and installation

Z Recycled Asphalt

Z Shoring

Z Dirt / sand removal

Z Grading

Z Fire Damage

Z Recycled Asphalt

Z Earth moving

Z Dirt / sand removal

Z Drain Tiles

Z Debris Removal

Z Tree and brush removal

Z Asphalt and Concrete prepping

Z Fire Damage

Z Drain Tiles

Z Storm Drains

Z Backfill

“From the first phone call to the completion of the job, Mr. Mike’s was punctual, courteous and reliable. We were always made aware of the process and we would happily use them again and highly recommend their service!!”
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