Mandrel Testing Services

Pipes are an integral part of any sewer system. The best way to ensure everything is running smoothly is by using mandrel testing services from Trenchless Pros. The process uses a metal tool to determine if the ovality of a sewer pipe meets all of the city specifications. It’s usually done after new construction or regular maintenance. Let the team at Trenchless Pros help you out today. We have the proper tools to do so.

Use mandrel testing from Trenchles Pros to allow your sewer line to run properly!

Mandrel Testing Services Benefits

Tests flexible pipes for deflection or out of roundness

Determines if a pipe has bent under stress or pressure from soil above

Saves money and keeps surrounding land undamaged

Mandrel testing, also known as a deflection test, uses a metal tool called a mandrel to identify and solve various problems within your sewer lines. Performing this test helps our contractors determine if a pipe has bent under stress and pressure from the soil above. If the mandrel gets stuck within the line, there is a blockage and we can repair or replace the affected pipe. If your line passes this test, we know it is functioning properly.

Mandrel Testing Services Trenchless Pros

Deflection testing effectively detects any problems within your sewer pipes. Although it’s not the most complex method around, mandrel testing is reliable. Here’s how our team does it.

Your contractor will begin by pushing or pulling a mandrel through each pipe. It is a tool, made of metal rods and fingers, that digs through the pipes but stops when it runs into an issue or blockage. Proving rings can then be used to determine if each deflection is within its tolerance. We complete our process in regulation with city policy to help your line get the clearance it needs.

Mandrel testing remains a tried-and-tested pipe inspection method. The service is available for residential and commercial properties. Whether you’re having a new line installed or updating one for your city, the Trenchless Pros team is here to help. Call for a free estimate today!

Mandrel Testing Services FAQs

What is the purpose of a mandrel test?

A mandrel test helps determine whether the pipes in your plumbing system have bent out of shape from the weight of the soil on top of them.

What are the benefits of mandrel testing?

Mandrel testing is perfect for measuring the size and shape of a pipe while detecting any defects or irregularities. The biggest advantage is being non-destructive. The pipe being tested is not damaged or altered in any way during the testing process.

How do I interpret mandrel test results?

It can be tricky to interpret mandrel test results on your own, but the contractors from Trenchless Pros in Calgary are here to help. The results will indicate the condition of your pipes. It can also help determine the material’s suitability for a particular application.

What is the difference between a pass and fail mandrel test?

A mandrel test is an inspection that evaluates the quality of your piping system. It passes if it meets the city’s standards, which can vary from location to location. Ask your contractor about specific requirements.


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