Hydraulic shoring Services

If a trench is essential to completing a pipe installation, repair, or replacement project, you may want to consider hydraulic shoring. It prevents trench cave-ins during large excavation projects by applying pressure to the trench walls using steel wale systems or hydraulic cylinders. They work differently than trench shields when protecting a trench system. Speak with a professional from Trenchless Pros to learn more about how this high-tech system can protect your workers during excavations.

Keep your trench intact during any job with hydraulic shoring services from Trenchless Pros!

Hydraulic shoring Services Benefits

Lightweight and easy to work with

Workers do not need to go into the trench to install it

Evenly distributes pressure along the trench

At Trenchless Pros, we understand the importance of safety. Using hydraulic shoring during your next installation job has many advantages. For one, workers do not have to enter the trench to put the system into place, unlike other shoring methods like timber. By applying pressure to the trench walls, it can be used close to structures, curbs, or sidewalks and for pipe installations. Call Trenchless Pros better to understand the features and applications of hydraulic shoring!

Hydraulic shoring Services Trenchless Pros

The team at Trenchless Pros uses the latest products and equipment for each of our projects because our customers deserve the best. Let us walk you through the application of hydraulic shoring.

Your contractor will begin by assembling the system consisting of steel frames or hydraulic jacks, horizontal steel beams or struts, and hydraulic hoses or pumps.

Then it’s time to position the vertical frames or jacks along the trench walls. The beams or struts are connected to the frame to apply pressure to the trench’s walls. Your contractor will tighten the hydraulic hoses to apply pressure and keep the system in place.

Now that the shoring system is in place, your contractor will check and adjust it to ensure it’s stable and secure. The hydraulic pressure is adjusted as needed to provide enough support to prevent cave-ins. 

The last step is completing the excavation job. With these shores in place, the work can be completed without worrying about a potential collapse. The system is dismantled afterward.

Using hydraulic shoring can come in handy in various situations. By using steel cylinders to prevent cave-ins, it’s a system that keeps workers safe from potential collapses. Do you have an upcoming project that requires hydraulic shoring? Call Trenchless Pros in Calgary for a free estimate today!

Hydraulic shoring Services FAQs

What are the benefits of hydraulic shoring?

Hydraulic shoring uses hydraulic cylinders to support a structure during excavation or construction jobs. It works well in tunnels, basements, and foundations. Additionally, it can be effective during construction projects where the load of the structure is too great for traditional shoring methods.

What are the applications of hydraulic shoring?

The method is often used during deeper excavations and underpinning existing structures. It supports the sides of the trench to prevent collapsing and keep workers safe during the job.

How is hydraulic shoring removed?

The removal process is similar to the installation. Your contractor will begin by removing soil or debris that’s blocking access to the shoring system. After clearing the area, the hydraulic jacks are disconnected, and the fluid is drained from the jacks. The jacks are then removed from the system, and the shoring system is taken apart piece by piece.


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