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Vacuum truck services can be helpful in various situations. Hiring our service is perfect for breaking up, collecting, and hauling away soil and other debris. Our team offers water excavation, hydrovac, open trench repair, and hydraulic shoring services. If you need to clean up your property, look no further than our team and our up-to-date technology.

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Vacuum Truck services Benefits

Cost effective

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The team at Trenchless Pros in Calgary uses vacuum truck services to solve a variety of problems. The tanks of our vacuum trucks filter air and fluids using suction, outgassing, pumping, and other techniques. It’s helpful for eliminating waste in your community and sewage system. The sewage materials we vacuum up are transferred to a wastewater plant where it is treated. Vacuum truck services are ideal for sumps and sewers, environmental protection, and disposing of hazardous materials. If you need a quick cleanup, call the team at Trenchless Pros, so we can help you today!

How do vacuum trucks work?

Vacuum trucks are versatile and ideal for various types of jobs. Let’s review how one works. Here’s the process the team at Trenchless Pros use.
We begin by clearing the site of people and obstacles and searching for hazards that could interfere with our job. Then we secure the truck in its parked position (usually with wheel chocks)

The technician will connect the vacuum hose to the tank and lay it out until it reaches the worksite. At the same time, we ensure the hose is in good condition and the connections lock properly.
Next, it’s time to turn on the truck’s engine (or pump engine, depending on the vacuum’s power source) and start operating the hydro excavator, which uses pressurized water to break down the soil or debris on the worksite until it forms a slurry.
The technician will increase the vacuum’s suction level by keeping its valve closed, lowering the suction end into the area to empty out, and then open the valve when it reaches the desired suction level. The valve will occasionally be closed throughout the process to rebuild the vacuum’s suction

strength. We simultaneously water the area and vacuum the slurry to eliminate waste from the desired area.
After clearing the area, your technician will continue the job by inspecting the septic tank, repairing underground infrastructure, or digging a hole for construction or installation. We also clean up any spillages that may have occurred.
Lastly, your technician will secure the tank lid and pack away the hoses.

What vacuum truck services do Trenchless Pros offer?

Vacuum trucks have many functions. Our team knows how to use them to their full potential and will work with you to solve your problems one step at a time. Here are the services our team has available in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Hydrovac Water Services

Essentially, a hydrovac is a piece of equipment attached to a vacuum truck that utilizes high pressure water to cut through and liquify soil. At the same time, a vacuum removes the soil from the excavation site. Fresh water and soil are contained inside the truck’s mounted unit. Finally, the slurry from the tank is released once again to cover any exposed underground utilities.
It allows our team to uncover a deeper layer of oil and underground facilities. We often use this process when performing sewer line inspections, repairs and replacement. It’s also helpful during daylighting, which is uncovering small patches of underground areas to locate utilities. The last step is releasing the slurry from the holding tank back onto the ground to re-cover the facilities.

Open Trench Repair

Open trench repair is ideal for sewer lateral repair or replacement. The process involves excavating a trench to manually install each piece of pipe. We perform open trench repairs when the pipes are collapsed or broken and when there are heavy root blockages.

Hydraulic Shoring

Hydraulic shoring is a safety procedure that holds up or supports the trench to prevent cave-ins. The technique uses hydraulic pistons that pump outward until they press against the walls of the trench. Your technicians will often use prefabricated struts and aluminum or steel waler beams during this process. Because of their small size, the shoring easily works around utilities.

What are the benefits of vacuum truck services?

Using a vacuum truck can come in handy in many different situations. Our experienced team is passionate about helping our customers solve their problems promptly and efficiently. Here are the benefits of using vacuum services from Trenchless Pros:

  • Affordability: Vacuum excavation is the most cost-effective method. You only need a single contractor to operate the truck, cutting labour costs. The process doesn’t take very long either.
  • Safe Excavation: Less contractors and less equipment is required on your worksite when you use a vacuum truck. In turn, this streamlines the project and lowers the risk of injury.
  • Less Noise: Traditional excavation methods can be quite loud and disturbing in residential areas. However, the vacuum is quiet, allowing our contractors to work at various times throughout the day.
  • Damage Reduction: Vacuum trucks let your contractor access underground utilities like water, gas, electricity, and telecommunications without hurting them. Replacing utilities is simple when the water breaks down the soil.
  • Higher Efficiency: Projects completed with a vacuum truck are efficient and safe. Underground utilities will not be damaged as hydro jets easily break down the soil.

The team at Trenchless Pros in Calgary is committed to providing a satisfactory experience. That’s why we use up-to-date technology to complete all our jobs. If you have questions, call our team today!

Overall, vacuum truck services are more efficient than traditional excavation services. The water from the truck breaks down soil that is in the way of underground utilities. It allows our professionals to eliminate debris from your property and install, repair, and replace utilities such as sewer lines easily. If you’re ready to experience the difference vacuum trucks can make, call Trenchless Pros for a free estimate!

Vacuum Truck Services FAQs

How much do vacuum truck services cost?

The costs may vary, depending on the service(s) you are asking for. Cleaning out a septic tank ranges from $200 to $500. In contrast, cleaning out a large industrial tank can range from $2,000 to $5,000. Call the team at Trenchless Pros for a free estimate!

How long do vacuum truck services take?

The length of time it takes for a vacuum truck service depends on the size and scope of the job. Small jobs often take a few hours. However, excavating a larger property can take a few days. Speaking with a professional from Trenchless Pros and booking an inspection will determine the job’s duration.

How often do vacuum truck services need to be performed?

Most vacuum truck services should be performed once per year. However, the frequency may increase if you have high amounts of materials that need to be removed. Certain sites can accumulate debris faster than others do. Ask a professional from Trenchless Pros about property maintenance.

What are the most common uses for vacuum truck services?

  1. There are many uses for a vacuum truck. Common applications include cleaning up hazardous materials, oil spills, chemicals, and other forms of waste. In addition, they can be helpful for installing, repairing, and replacing sewer and water lines. Call today to learn more about the vacuum truck services available at Trenchless Pros in Calgary!


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