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If you are looking for reliable skilled excavation experts you have come to right team.

What We Do

Pipe Bursting

We offer non-intrusive, effective, and efficient pipe bursting services.


We can handle trucking in the rock, installing your weeping tile and so much more. Anything you need for the job we can do it.

Site Management

Safety is our number one priority so rests assured that if you have our team manage the job for you, we will do it safely and efficiently.

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Shoring – Supplied and Installed

We have high-quality hydraulic shoring. Our top priority is not skipping a beat when it comes to safety. You can trust your investment is safe with us. Remember if you hire a contractor that takes risks and skips steps, you can be held liable. We will not take any risks and Mr. Mike’s Excavation carries liability insurance to cover you.


We can dig anything from 1” – 12ft+ trenches. Do you need your trench dug level or with a slight grade? Mr. Mike’s Excavation Calgary can do whatever grade you need or want because we have the most advanced tools to ensure accuracy.

BobCat Service

Do you need 1 yard or 3000 yards moved? We can handle both big jobs and small jobs. We have a fleet of fully licensed drivers and different specialized BobCat machines for any job. We can handle any size of job with our fleet. Get your quote above!

Some of the other services we provide

  • Excavation
  • Storm Drain Replacement
  • Weeping Tile
  • Trench less Drainage Replacement
  • Water Line Replacement and repairs
  • Plumbing and heating – Our other company is Mr. Mike’s Plumbing
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Drain line Replacement and repair

Why Choose Mr. Mike’s Excavation?

We stand out because we can offer a variety of services. We can handle excavation, plumbing, drain cleaning, heating and so much more. Our clients find themselves needing more work than just simply excavation when they have a big job. When you hire Mr. Mike’s Excavation you are hiring full services. You will benefit from hiring us vs a standard excavation company because we can bundle everything as one package saving you money and time from dealing with multiple contractors.

Another reason Mr. Mike’s Excavation is the company for you is that will never give you a large surprising bill. We have a no surprise policy. This is important to us at Mr. Mike’s Excavation Calgary. No one wants a big bill they didn’t budget for so we will tell you exact costs before work starts so you are comfortable with all costs. Now doesn’t that sound like a business you want to deal with? Call Mr. Mike’s Excavation today for the top-notch Bob-Cat service you deserve.

Hire Mr. Mike’s Excavation Calgary for all the services you need done. Being one of the most reputable companies in Calgary, our main company Mr. Mike’s Plumbing has 100s of 5-star google reviews from our residential and commercial customers served in Calgary and surrounding areas. Our services especially stand out when you meet our skilled employees that care.

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