Underground Pipe Tracking Services

Finding PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and other types of pipes can be difficult because they contain little to no metal. However, knowing where they are is essential to any job because striking a utility line is a costly mistake. Our team uses underground pipe tracking to locate each of them during our pipe repair and replacement jobs. Underground pipe tracking is one of many piping services Trenchless Pros in Calgary offers.

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Underground Pipe Tracking Services Benefits

Safer to perform jobs

Detecting pipes with little to no metal content

Accurate location results

Locating underground pipes can solve many problems for contractors and customers. We use portable, lightweight equipment that’s easy to transport to and from job sites. Underground pipe tracking works in various environments, including drains, sewers, and other non-metallic ducts. Using innovative technology allows us to repair and replace pipes with ease. A ground penetrating radar can find pipes that are deep underground without having to do a full excavation of your property. Speak with one of our team members to learn more today.

Underground Pipe Tracking Services Trenchless Pros

The team at Trenchless Pros in Calgary uses a ground penetrating radar to locate your pipes. Let us walk you through the process.

After establishing where to scan, a contractor can begin using the ground penetrating radar to find your pipes. The first step is rolling the drive in a straight line, perpendicular to the direction the pipes are running. When a reading shows up, your contractor backs up and marks the spot with a flag or paint. Then the system is moved a few yards down while following the direction the pipes are running. The process is then repeated to find additional pipes.

The purpose of underground pipe tracking is to locate pipes that aren’t made entirely of metal, such as PVC and plastic pipes, in order to prevent contractors from hitting utility lines. It can also find pipes that may be too deep to find through traditional digging. Striking a pipe can damage your property and, in more severe cases, cause your yard or home to flood. Avoid taking the risk by calling Trenchless Pros about our underground pipe tracking services today!

Underground Pipe Tracking Services FAQs

What is the maximum depth that the underground pipe tracking system can reach?

The maximum depth an underground pipe tracking can reach varies, depending on the system, the type of pipe being tracked, and where it’s used. A standard acoustic tracking system can reach depths up to 500 metres. A more advanced electromagnetic tracking system can reach depths of up to 1,000 metres.

How accurate is underground pipe tracking?

Using a highly efficient ground penetrating radar is extremely accurate. It can easily pick up on underground water pipes, even if they are made from materials such as plastic or PVC. The model being used affects the quality of the collection of underground data.

What is the best way to track underground pipes?

The best way to find metal pipes is by using a metal detector. However, some pipes are made of materials that this tool cannot pick up. In other cases, a ground penetrating radar is the best option to locate underground pipes.

What are the challenges of tracking underground pipes?

There are some aspects that can complicate tracking underground pipes. The biggest challenge is finding the pipes in the first place. Being buried deep underground makes them difficult to access. Soil and other materials make finding pipes tricky. However, the team at Trenchless Pros in Calgary is equipped with the tools to get the job done!


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