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Did you know there are preventative measures to protect your drains from clogs and blockages? Drain jetting is one of them. It involves using a hose that sprays pressurized water through your pipe system to remove debris and send it away from your home. The Trenchless Pros team in Calgary stops debris from turning into a blockage and stops other obstacles like tree roots from becoming more severe issues.

Keep your drains safe from clogs and blockages with drain jetting services from Trenchless Pros!

Drain Jetting Services Benefits

Prevents future clogs and blockages

Efficient and non-invasive


A proper drain jetting will eliminate obstructions from your drainpipes before it’s too late. The pressurized water is strong enough to eliminate grease, minerals, hair, and other debris from your drain system. By eliminating buildup before it creates a blockage, you can save money on your bills and future repair costs. Additionally, our team’s methods will not damage your property because drain jetting is non-destructive. Call Trenchless Pros so our plumbers can address your problem today!

Drain Jetting Services Trenchless Pros

The Trenchless Pros team possesses tools to help your pipes look and function like new again. Drain jetting easily eliminates dirt, sludge, and other forms of waste with ease. Here’s how we do it.

Your plumber will begin by locating the access point to your drainage system. It’s done with a high-tech camera that allows us to thoroughly inspect your pipes. We look for cracked or crumbling pipes before we start the process.

Our jetting hose is connected to a water tank that pressurizes the water up to 35,000 psi. Our team will adjust the water pressure to match the condition of your pipes. The hose’s nozzle is inserted downstream into the lines and turned on. The tool moves downstream through the drain line, directing the water and debris away from your home. Our tool scours the interior walls of the pipes while removing debris by letting gravity pull it down, and flushing it out of the home.

Drain jetting is helpful in various situations. Using top-notch equipment, our team can solve many issues without damaging your property. Using pressurized water to remove the debris from your drainpipes takes less time than other plumbing methods, saving you money on repair and maintenance.

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Drain Jetting Services FAQs

What are the benefits of drain jetting?

Drain jetting has several benefits. It’s an efficient way to clean and unblock drains. Traditional methods use rods or snakes, which can take more time and labour.

How often should drain jetting be performed?

Drain jetting should be performed regularly to maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of your drainage system. The frequency depends on factors like the size and condition of your pipes, the material of your pipes and the amount of debris inside them. The Trenchless Pros team recommends having drain jetting done at least once per year.

Is drain jetting or snaking better?

Drain snaking and jetting are both great methods to clear clogs and improve your drain system’s efficiency. However, drain jetting is more powerful. It removes clogs and slows the natural buildup of grease and minerals that line the interior of most pipelines.

Will drain jetting damage my pipes?

The age and condition of your pipes determine the answer to this question. Older, worn-down pipes are vulnerable to damage. However, newer, well-maintained pipes will not get hurt during this process. That’s why the Trenchless Pros team in Calgary inspects your pipes before jetting to determine if it’s the right solution for you. Call us for a free quote today!


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