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Using the latest hydrovac technology to excavate soil, debris, and other materials from a work site is an effective method. Hydrovac excavation is efficient because it utilizes equipment such as large trucks and hoses to eliminate obstacles that prevent workers from getting the job done. Call Trenchless Pros in Calgary to learn more about our hydrovac services today!

If you need to excavate materials from a work site, look no further than hydrovac services from Trenchless Pros!

Hydrovac Services Benefits

Quickly breaks down and removes debris from the property


Lowers risk of damaging underground utilities

Hydrovac services can be helpful for various projects. With the expertise of an established company, you and your team can finish jobs even quicker. Our hydrovac trucks use pressurized water to break up soil and other forms of debris, causing minimal damage to your property compared to digging. The combination of pressurized water and a vacuum is considered non-destructive. Up-to-date technology allows our contractors to finish jobs promptly and efficiently.

Hydrovac Services Trenchless Pros

At Trenchless Pros in Calgary, we offer many hydrovac services. Each one has its own function and assists workers with unique jobs. We offer the following:


Daylighting exposes underground utilities such as gas lines, water mains, and fiber optic cables. Our team uses a high-pressure water and vacuum system to excavate soil and debris. It allows us to see utilities for repair and maintenance purposes.

Slot Trenching

The purpose of slot trenching is to create narrow, deep trenches in hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. Our vacuum truck uses pressurized water to cut a slot, and a vacuum sucks up any debris into a tank. We use this process when repairing or installing utility lines.

Debris Removal

Our hydrovac system also removes dirt, debris, and other materials from small spaces like pits, tanks, drainage structures, and manholes. The combination of highly pressurized water and a large vacuum will not damage your property in the process.

Culvert Cleaning

Did you know our hydrovac equipment can remove debris and sediment from culverts? Having clean culverts prevents blockages and ensures efficient drainage.

The team at Trenchless Pros provides highly efficient hydrovac services for various projects. They can expose utility lines so your contractor doesn’t damage them during a project, or they can ensure a work area is clean and safe by eliminating debris without damaging the surrounding property and infrastructure.

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Hydrovac Services FAQs

What is the process of hydrovac excavation?

The process is simple. A Trenchless Pro team member will use high-pressure water wands to cut through the soil and soften the ground. Then the mud slurry is sucked into the tank of an excavation truck. In turn, your contractor can see underground utility lines that wouldn’t be visible otherwise.

How does hydrovac excavation compare to traditional excavation methods?

It is safe and more efficient than other excavation methods that require digging and the use of heavy machinery. It minimizes the risk of damaging underground utilities, reduces the amount of debris generated, and allows for faster excavation times.

What time of year is best for hydrovac excavation?

The spring and fall months are the ideal times to get hydrovac services. That’s because the ground tends not to be as hard for the pressurized water to cut through. However, the water inside our trucks is heated with coil heaters to penetrate frost and cut through the frozen ground. It’s completely possible to get hydro excavation services during the winter months, but it is less common.


Z Site Clearing

Z Drain Replacement including the plumbing

Z Water lines replacement including the plumbing

Z Gas line replacement including the gas permits and installation

Z Recycled Asphalt

Z Shoring

Z Dirt / sand removal

Z Grading

Z Fire Damage

Z Recycled Asphalt

Z Earth moving

Z Dirt / sand removal

Z Drain Tiles

Z Debris Removal

Z Tree and brush removal

Z Asphalt and Concrete prepping

Z Fire Damage

Z Drain Tiles

Z Storm Drains

Z Backfill

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