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Dealing with cleaning up after a long work day can take time and effort. However, Trenchless Pros Sewer and Drain has a solution for you. Our site clearing and Plumbing services will help you clear your property’s land of various types of debris. Whether you’re dealing with shrubs, overgrown vegetation or dead trees, we’re here to help. Excavation and construction jobs need a clear space to work, which makes site clearing essential for any contractor. Additional obstructions can take up valuable work time. Consider our services to take this responsibility off your hands.

Leave a clean job area by using site clearing services from Trenchless Pros Sewer and Drain!

Weeping Tile Installation Services Benefits

Happier clients

Promotes healthy trees and vegetation

Higher aesthetic and land value

The team at Trenchless Pros Sewer and Drain also does site clearing! Proper clean up could prevent many issues in the future. Not only will the site be safer for future developments, but it also benefits the environment, allowing nature to thrive. Clearing the land of various debris makes it easier to start future construction projects, regardless of their complexity. If your team is ready to work, call Trenchless Pros Sewer and Drain to clear your work site!

Why Choose Trenchless Pros Sewer and Drain for Your Next Site Clearing Jobs?

Trenchless Pros Sewer and Drain in Calgary, we understand the importance of a safe, well-maintained work site. Having worked in the plumbing, pipeline services, and contracting industries for over a decade, our team knows a clear site is required before starting any project. With our expertise in vacuum truck services, we ensure that every site is prepared to the highest standards, ensuring a smooth start to your project.

Safety is our top priority. That’s why we have a thorough site clearing process. We eliminate any waste or debris, whether it is above ground or below, clearing away those hidden dangers that could pose serious problems.

Since we’re experts in trenchless excavation, we understand the importance of leaving existing landscaping undamaged. This makes us the ideal team to clear a site that is adjacent to an already developed area. Whether you need to clear a forest for a major construction project, or plan on expanding some landscaping on your property, look no further than the experts at Trenchless Pros Sewer and Drain.

What Site Clearing Services Does Trenchless Pros Sewer and Drain Offer?

The team at Trenchless Pros Sewer and Drain offers a variety of site clearing and sewer services to suit your needs. Whether you’re selling your property or preparing for a construction project, we are here for you. These are some of the jobs that our team takes care of.

Land Clearing

If you need to clear your property of debris, call Trenchless Pros Sewer and Drain. Our team clears trees, removes stumps and performs grubbing on fence rows, bush lots, and more.

Recycling Environmental Materials

Brush and tree stumps are never a pleasant sight. However, we can help you use these materials more efficiently. Our team can turn them into mulch, wood chips, wood pellets, and more.


Our team offers various excavation services. From landscaping to pond excavation, we can prepare your property for work in no time.

When Is Site Clearing from Trenchless Pros Sewer and Drain Needed?

There are multiple scenarios in which site clearing might be necessary. The most common reasons we clear lots include:

Lawn Expansion: Living on a woodsy property has its advantages, but clearing away extra foliage can expand your lawn quickly and easily.

  • Renovations: When it’s time to update your building, natural debris like dead plants and overgrown vegetation can pose a problem. Clearing them makes renovations simpler.
  • New Construction: An empty lot that’s free of excess shrubbery is required for new builds. In our experience, site clearing makes building more straightforward.
  • Creating and Maintaining Forestry Paths: Trees can grow quickly and cause problems
  • when they are too close together. Eliminating excess brush can make forested areas walkable.

Residential and commercial properties can benefit from site clearing. At Trenchless Pros Sewer and Drain, we take your needs into account when working on a site clearing project with you. Questions? Call today!

What Are the Benefits of a Site Clearing from Trenchless Pros Sewer and Drain?

There are many advantages to professional site clearing. It can help your contractors and your clients feel at ease. Site clearing helps with the following:

  • Easier to Sell Land: Eliminating blockages and obstructions can make your land more marketable when it comes time to sell.
  • Compliance with Environmental Laws: Expert land clearing may be required to help your property comply with current laws. Professionals will know what issues need to be addressed.
  • Required Equipment: Contractors have access to specialty tools and supplies that are needed to clear any site.
  • Safety: Getting rid of leaves, branches, and dead trees can save your property from harm. For example, clearing debris from forested areas can prevent forest fires.
  • Keeping Pests Away: Areas with dense vegetation can cause termites and other creatures to find homes in dead trees. It can become a hazard to other animals if left untreated.
  • Environment: There’s no need to worry about environmental damage if a professional clears your property of debris.
  • Eliminating Unwanted Vegetation: Getting rid of vines, shrubs, dead trees, decaying stumps, and dead plants will allow you to start building on your property sooner.
  • Grading: Levelling the land is important before beginning any construction project.
  • Professional site clearers will grade the ground for you.
  • No Soil Erosion: During a site clearing, the soil will be spread out evenly across the land. It prevents overgrown trees and plants that can attract weeds.

The team at Trenchless Pros Sewer and Drain is committed to providing professional site clearing services and Inspecting sites. Our team finishes each job in a prompt and efficient manner. Call for a quote today!

Site Clearing Services FAQs

What is the purpose of site clearing?

Site clearing removes the materials, such as trees, brush, grass, weeds, downed trees and more. The process can also include grubbing, which eliminates stumps, roots, buried logs, and other materials that are found underground. The purpose is to prepare for new builds, renovations, and more.

How much will it cost to clear my land?

The size of the site, the type of materials that need to be removed, the complexity of the work, and labour and material costs are all factors that come into play. Smaller sites that only need rocks, sticks and other small items will only cost a couple of hundred dollars. In contrast, a large site like a forest will cost more. Call Trenchless Pros for a quote today!

How long will it take to clear my land?

The size of your property and the materials you would like to remove will determine the duration of the job. Clearing debris from a large forest will take much longer than a small residential lot. Speak with one of the team members from Trenchless Pros to determine the duration of your site clearing job today!

What is selective clearing?

Sometimes, not every plant is a problem. That’s why we have selective clearing options. For example, if you want to keep a specific species of tree, we will not remove it from your property. Please let us know what types of vegetation you would like to keep intact before we begin to work to avoid any issues.


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