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November 18, 2021

It’s no secret modern society. It was built on the back of heavy machinery and construction equipment. Without heavy earthmovers, how else could we construct such elaborate buildings and roadways?

Our fleet of excavation equipment runs the full list of machines and tools, while our technicians bring years of operating and construction experience. Our team doesn’t just come to work for the sake of working. They enjoy what they do. Heavy machinery, when operated safely and properly, can be quite fun.

We Handle All Types of Excavation Services

Trenchless Pros has a full suite of heavy machinery with experienced operators ready to work for our clients. Our machinery stable includes backhoes, skid steers, hydraulic excavators, compact excavators, mini excavators (for those confined spaces), power shovels, loaders, motor graders, and more.

We can help with your excavation plan, demolition, excavation projects, earthmoving, land development, road construction, and more. 

Some of the different heavy machinery/excavation tools we use include:

Skid Steer/Skid Steer Loaders

Commonly referred to as Bobcats, skid steers are objectively the most versatile piece of machinery on an excavation site. Skid steers can be wheeled or tracked and can rotate 360 degrees in place. Any number of implements can be attached in place of its loader bucket, though the bucket itself might be one of the most useful tools available.

Skid steers are used to move material, remove material, and are quite handy in winter for snow removal. They are also a great utility on the job site allowing for the transportation of heavy tools or equipment in its bucket vs. being carried by a person.

Backhoe/Backhoe Loaders

The backhoe is another handy machine. Resembling a far-flung family member of the tractor, the backhoe typically comes with a liftable bucket on the front, a shovel with an arm on the back, and two hydraulic legs to steady it on the ground while the shovel is in use.

The backhoe’s shovel provides the power and volume needed to reach into the ground and remove material. At the same time, the bucket can be used to move material or heavy objects around the site. 

Hydraulic Excavator

The next step up from a backhoe, the excavator can remove far more material, far quicker, and far deeper from the Earth. These are the machines seen on almost every construction site, fascinating children all over the world.

Excavators’ arms are also large enough to be used as an impromptu crane to lower or raise heavy objects in and out of space. They’re also pretty good at pulling a stuck vehicle out of the mud, but you won’t see one coming to help you when you call CAA.

Compact and Mini Excavators

As the hydraulic excavator is objectively considered a massive machine, medium-sized and smaller variants have been developed to reach into spaces where a full-sized cannot go.

These compact and mini excavators are incredibly flexible machines able to dig trenches, remove material, and reach into spaces where perhaps only a car or standard truck could fit into. These are great machines for working inside parking garages and other commercial spaces, though they also have many other uses.

Motor Graders

The big, long six-wheel machines you see scraping ice and snow off the roads are also the same ones used to grade land. These machines’ sheer size and strength are astonishing up close and allow them to tackle large areas with ease.

Especially in undeveloped land, motor graders can come in and scrape out an even surface where one never existed before. 

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Look no further if you’re looking through Google for excavation companies to help with demolition, excavation projects, or anything else.

We can help you explore your options and find the best solution within your budget! Find out how our heavy equipment can assist you by getting in touch with our team. 

Let our excavation contractors do the work for you.

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