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Are you ready for brand new pipes without the hassles that come with trench digging? Look no further than pipe bursting. This efficient service from Trenchless Pros in Calgary allows you to eliminate your old piping and replace it with a new one simultaneously. If you’re looking for an efficient, cost-effective way to replace your pipes, ask us about pipe bursting today.

Efficiently replace your pipelines with pipe bursting today!

Pipe Bursting Services Benefits

Less damage to the work site

Improves pipe's flow capacity


Pipe bursting is a great way to solve a plethora of problems. Whether you’re dealing with a broken or corroded pipe, it’s a helpful solution. The pipe bursting process is simple and will not impact your property because your contractor will not need to dig a trench. Additionally, using this method is perfect for replacing multiple pipes quickly and efficiently. Call Trenchless Pros in Calgary to learn more about how you can save time and money with pipe bursting today!

Pipe Bursting Services Trenchless Pros

Repair and replace your pipes without damaging your property. Pipe bursting is an efficient way to eliminate old pipes and replace them with new ones. Here’s how it’s done.

Your contractor will start with opening and forcing the existing pipe outward with a tool called a “bursting head.” The tool is then pulled through the pipe with a cable and winch. The result is the pipe being pushed outward to create space for the new pipeline, which is pulled behind the bursting head. The entire process can be completed without digging any trenches beforehand.

Choosing the pipe bursting method has just as many benefits as our other pipeline services. When you work with a contractor from Trenchless Pros in Calgary, the process is simple. There’s no need to use machinery to eliminate large amounts of soil, which means the jobs are less labour intensive. Learn more about the advantages of pipe bursting technology by calling for a free estimate!

Pipe Bursting Services FAQs

What is the life expectancy of pipe bursting?

Pipe bursting repairs are known for being able to withstand wear and tear over long periods of time with proper maintenance. Most will last longer than 50 years.

How does pipe bursting benefit the environment?

Pipe bursting is a trenchless method of replacing existing underground pipes without having to dig up the ground above them. It doesn’t damage the environment because minimal amounts of soil and materials need to be excavated and disposed of. It also uses less energy than machinery does for digging trenches.

What are the risks of pipe bursting?

There are fewer risks associated with pipe bursting repairs. However, they do exist. Since pipe bursting requires breaking up the existing pipe, nearby pipes, cables, and other forms of infrastructure may get damaged during the process. At Trenchless Pros, we are careful not to hurt your property or surrounding utility lines.

Where is pipe bursting typically used?

The method is used in areas where traditional open-cut pipe replacement would be difficult or impossible due to limited access, such as in urban areas, or where there are existing structures, such as roads, buildings and utilities, that cannot be disturbed. It can be used to replace old and failing water, sewer and gas lines.


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